0047. Prophecy – French doors_Hog_Hornet_Paris will not be Paris

Paris will not be Paris

47. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera 7 May 1992, 2 AM. in tongues, English, Spanish, Non-understandable tongues.


The French Doors will open at the sound of the Bell. And the Bell will ring when the Cross in the sky will show you. Paris will not be Paris. The sign of the Hog and the Saber tooth Tiger will cling to the Hornet. Woe be to the world. Woe be to the world, to the blind, to the deaf. (Non-understandable tongues?)


The fence.


The Orange Bowl will be delivered, at high noon, on the day that the Cat climbs in the basket with the Mouse. (Non-understandable tongues?)


Here comes the pig.


I’ll show the State of Israel in the Mighty Powerful Way, the Song of David.


Prophecy 47 Audio

47 sound clip was edited (condensed) to about 0:51 seconds (104 KB) from 3 minutes of my original micro cassette recording tape.  There is some background noise on this file. It is in English, Spanish, and Non-understandable Tongues. Read the text as you listen to the sound clip for best results.

putthelightin.com courtesy of prophecy.org

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