0092 A Man Becomes One With the Devil / The Lord Rebukes and Warns Theologians and Pastors

92. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 15 June 1992 at 2:15 AM. Monday in tongues, Spanish and English.


You know what? This day went very well for you. You know you did what I wanted you to do and you rested. I know that you have been very tired because you have been working hard on the Prophecies. Look what’s going to happen in the days that are coming. It’s going to be very hard for the People who understand what’s going to happen but it’s going to happen.

There is going to be a Spy, and they’re going to throw her in the Hole. The Hole is going to eat her because the husband is going to get Mad, for the Spy wasn’t for him. It’s going to give him anger and he’s going to go with the manner of doing evil with the person who threw her, but the person who threw her was the devil. And the man didn’t know it.

Look, the man is the man that’s coming to tell False Words of God, the day that he starts to use the tongue of the devil. The devil is going to eat him. That day he and the devil are going to be one. For he is going to think a lot of himself and he likes the money. He likes to order people to do this and to do that, but the God of the World, of Heaven, of all that is and is going to be, He’s going to take this man with the devil and He is going to throw him in a hole. In a hole and he’s going to bury him in a manner that he won’t be able to leave. For he used the word of the devil. Oh, what a shame. Oh, what a shame.


I want you to pay attention, to listen very carefully to My Words. This is Jehovah, Creator of the Universe, of everything that is and will be, with My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and the Holy Spirit. This time that We are approaching is going to be a time to bid farewell, to all the good times that you had. The beginning of the end has started; though you haven’t realized it yet, but the clock has really started. Dec. 2, 1990, was day one; on that date began the time that My Son started the war to finish, to clean up what was evil in the Heavenly.

I will not tell you the hour or the day when My Son will come to pick you up, but I will tell you the war is raging strong and fierce in the Heavens since that date. The War is raging on the Planet Earth, at the same time in the Spiritual Realm. You will notice things are going to change. Some of them are going to change very rapidly. Some very slowly, but things are going to startle you, riots, fighting between father, son, wife, and daughter. People are going to be on edge. Natural disasters are going to occur at unusual times and at unusual Places.

These are the Birth Pains of the end. “When the leaves on the fig tree change;” remember that statement. “When the leaves of the fig tree change,” Will mark the beginning and the end of what you will know or have been knowing. For the sign of the Beast is at hand. The False Prophet is at hand. The sign of everything that was stated in the Bible is going to start to appear before your eyes. If you’re not into the Word you won’t even see it. So I am telling you My Christians, My Saints, you’re rapidly approaching times of trouble.

There are going to be some Prophets that are going to tell you some things, that are not going to be so good, and so sweet that they tickle your ear, because the time of tickling the ear is over. The time to prepare to get ready for the coming of My Son is at hand. I am going to do some rebuking, some cleaning up. Of everything that is not according to My Word, I don’t care. HOW you read that Bible, and HOW you interpret that Bible, for there is Only One Word, and that is My Word, Jehovah. Listen to My Words. JEHOVAH HAS ONE WORD, AND ONLY ONE WORD.

You theologians, you pastors who have lead My Sheep so far astray, will be held accountable. I am not asking you. I am telling you. You straighten up Right Now! Because the day that is mentioned in the Bible is staring you right in the face. If you don’t Buckle Up Now!, you will be held accountable for every last thing that you have done to keep My Children, My Saints from hearing the Word at the proper time and at the proper place.

You like to discipline your flock in a manner and in a way that matches your Word and your Theology. NOW!, it is My turn to rebuke you, to snap you into place. For the only obstacle left is the Hierarchy of the Church. Which has disassembled the Body of Christ in such a manner that you have an infinite number of religions going by the name of My Son, Jesus Christ. You don’t get along. You don’t speak. You have prejudices. You Pastors are worse than Children among each other. Instead of uniting and fighting with One cause and One Word, the fighting is among yourselves.

So beware, for the problem is not with the flock. The problem is with the Leadership of the flock. I know these are not kind Words. I know these are not sweet Words. I know that they are not tickling your ear at the present time, but so be it.

I said a Word to My Son several thousand years ago and you were given that Word and you are not keeping My Word. So you will see certain things happen, in the near future. For the pastors and the leaders of My Flocks, through the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, through the Holy Spirit that DO NOT OBEY MY WORD, MY WRATH IS GOING TO FALL ON THEM. Not on the flock, for they are responsible for the flock and they are held accountable for the flock.

These are not Idle Words of some Nut, for this Prophet of Mine is speaking My Word and don’t you dare go against My Word. For there is a place allowed for people that go against Me. Do you understand what I am saying? Do you comprehend the seriousness of what I just said?

I’ll say it again. Straighten Up Now! Clean Up Your Act. Get the Body of Christ together TODAY! DON’T TALK ABOUT IT! I WANT IT DONE TODAY! For the Wrath of God, Jehovah, will befall you so hard that it will make your head spin and you won’t realize it. It is right around the corner, for if you wait for tomorrow, you won’t have a tomorrow.

This is your God, Jehovah. The Creator of the Universe, of everything that is and will be. The First Word and the Last Word. Go to the streets, preach My Word, not in your Cadillac, on your foot, by foot, by foot, person to person, door to door. I don’t care how you do it. You have had it easy. That time is over, take care of My Sick, take care of My Hungry. For what you do to them, you’re doing to My Son, you’re doing to Me. This is Jehovah. This is Jehovah. This is Yahweh. This is Yahweh. This is the I am, I am, I am.


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