0162. Prophecy / Day Of The Ark / Day Of The Devil / I Am Going To Clean All That’s Filthy / California Earthquake

162. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 18 July 1992 at 7:40 PM. in Spanish.

Ark! My son, for what’s going to happen has to happen. The day of the Ark is here. I want you to write all I am telling you with the Mind of God. The Holy Spirit is going to help you. For the things I am going to say in the Prophecies that are coming, are going to be very important. I want you to put your ear to what I tell you and put it down in the manner that I say.

For My Saints need to hear My Word clearly for the days are coming that many will suffer and many will die. They are going to need the correct Word of their God; so it will help them, when they see in front of their faces, the faces of the dead.

For the families and the people of the United States have not suffered for their God has protected them, but the devil has entered slowly and then he ran more quickly years ago. With force he changed the mind of the United States of something good until everything became filthy. The day has come where I cannot close My Eyes any longer for the United States. For all that’s filthy is burning My Eyes and Ears.

The day is here that I have to close this World but My Saints that Love My Son, the Ones that Love Me, I want them to hear My Word correctly. For the days that are coming are going to be the days they are going to cry and be frightened. The faith they have in God is going to be tested; on how much faith they have in their God. The devil is going to be released like a whirlwind, and he is going to eat all that he wants until his stomach expands with all that is bad.

I want you, Reymundo, to tell My Saints My Word correctly. I know that you have the faith and the force to order My Word to where I tell you. I know you have worries at times, but I know your heart. I know that you have more force than you think. You’re going to shock many people with My Word, but remember that the Word is Mine; your God’s that made the World, the Stars and Heaven, with My Son and the Holy Spirit.

You are only My Secretary. You are only My Prophet. I know, “You love Me with all your heart.” I know, “That you have suffered.” I know, “You have had hunger.” I know, “Your worries of your mind.” For at times you don’t know, “What you’re going to eat or what you’re going to do.” For you gave Me everything that you had; “Your house, your heart, your tears, your faith,” I am going to use you and I am going to scare you for the things you have to do in the Name of your Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; but don’t have worry.

The day is almost here that this world is going to end. I know, “The Words you’re hearing are scaring you.” For they are big Words that you have to say, for such a small man but no one is small that I use because the Holy Spirit is going to do the work. You only have to do what the Holy Spirit tells you. For there are going to be things that are going to proceed very rapidly and other things that will move slowly.

Everything will be accomplished in the way I said years, years, years, and years ago before you were born. For I made you for this minute. I know you do not believe Me, but it’s the truth. You were born to send My Word. I know you can’t comprehend what I just said. For the mind of man cannot comprehend the Mind of God, but it’s the truth. It’s not going to be as hard as you think it’s going to be.

For the Holy Spirit has the Force; no one can beat the Holy Spirit; no one can beat My Word. You have to place your mind on these things. For the things you are using and using, and saying are theWords and the Things of God. The God that made all, the World, and Heaven. I know your mind at this minute doesn’t know how to believe what I just said. For they are very big Words and your mind, right now, doesn’t know how to hear the Words I just said. I will show you with the Holy Spirit. For I have already given to My Son His Orders.

The devil, with his saints, are ready to chew this world and they are hungry. I, God, am going to turn him loose. For I want all thepeople to know who is God. I want to test the heart of all the people in this World. I want them to choose the devil or Me, the God that made everything. The day is here; I am going to close this World. All that’s clean is going to live with Me and everything that’s filthy will live with the devil and no one will be left in the middle. They have to go to one place or the other and that’s all that has to be.

It hurts My Heart of what has to happen. For there are so many that do not believe in God. They believe in the devil and, if they believe in the devil, they should live with the devil. There are many that don’t know anything of Christ and the Holy Spirit and of the Father. I want you to tell people with My Lips the Words of your God that there is a God; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Tell them to jump onto the Ark, for if they do not enter the Ark, they won’t save themselves and these Words are correct, straight and the truth. For your Father doesn’t Lie. I want all that’s clean. People that are dirty can clean themselves if they just repent of their sins and look for My Son; the Holy Spirit will help them. It’s very easy. It’s correct. It’s to the point.

It gives Me much joy for your determination; for you are scaring yourself. For you didn’t believe you could do what you’re doing. I know you’re laughing in your mind right now and you’re getting scared. For you’re seeing the faith that you have in your God. The faith that the Holy Spirit is giving you and the help that the Holy Spirit is giving you to do what you’re doing. It gives Me Joy that you gave Me all your problems; and I am going to correct them. Don’t worry about anything. For I am there to help you.

You have many Angels there around you when you need help, as I mentioned earlier. I know that you don’t see them. I know your body doesn’t sense them but look, Reymundo!, there is a War around you that you wouldn’t believe, for the Angels are fighting with the devils around you every minute of everyday. They are fighting with a Force that you couldn’t comprehend.

The devil wants “To choke you.” “He wants to cut your throat.” “He wants to get your pillow and shove it down your mouth” For he can’t do a thing! My Angels are there and they stop him when he wants to do something. He has such anger, if you knew you would laugh with laughter. For he is so mad. For he cannot do a thing, but I am only telling you these things so you can know what you are doing is very important. I am going to leave you now. For I want you to go back to your computer and place the Words of the earthquake that is going to hit California.

For now starts the day of the devil, and I am going to clean all that’s filthy. Remember the gifts that I am going to give you. I know that your ears are hearing My Words more clearly. For I gave you this gift, and when you walk on water your ears are going to grow. For you will only go on the faith of My Son, the Holy Spirit and in Me; and in that way you won’t fall or drown in the water.

Hurry! My son, get up and go to your computer. We have work to do and to make yourself strong. For I love you with all My Heart and no one is going to get you or hit you. For if they lift a hand at you, I am going to hit them so hard. For I look for saints that give Me their Body, their Mind and Spirit, for I can use them.

For I’m telling you with all My Heart, with Tears in My Eyes that I love you a lot. I am watching your every step, that you make. My son, My son, My beloved. Did you hear Me? “What I said to you, for I don’t Lie, My son.” I want you to get up and start to work. Hurry!


Prophecy 162 Audio

The 162 sound clip was edited (condensed) to about 12:27 minutes (1.5 MB) from 20 minutes of my original micro cassette recording tape. There is some background noise on this file. This Prophecy Sound Clip is in Spanish. Read the text as you listen to the sound clip for best results. This is an interesting sound clip for the Lord use an English Word in the middle of a Spanish Prophecy. This sound clip also has the a very short laugh from the Lord.



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