1208. Prophecy – You laugh and mock God

1208. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 24 September 1998 at 4:15 PM. in Spanish and English.

Spanish: My son, My son, My son!

English: I am, I am, I am. I am what you see today. I am what you see tomorrow. All what you see, all what you touch, all that you have – is in My Hands. If you believe, that you can leave and go and hide from the coming events. You are sadly mistaken. For all will become a fiasco. All will stop! All will cry for mercy!

I have told this lazy planet, that is so into demonic beliefs and actions that I would have the final say! And many of you fell away. Many of you laughed at God. Many of you said dirty jokes. Many of you think it is so funny to mock God. You get with your friends and you snicker and you say your dirty jokes. And you make adultery sound like it is funny. You make lying sound like it is good; a way of life. Even your President, thinks he is so wise and so clever. All those comedians that are on the television and on the radio that take this so lightly – WE WILL SEE! When you are crying for mercy. When you are down on your knees screaming for help just before My Heel of My Shoe squashes you like a fly. We will see – if your dirty mouth, your dirty mind, your dirty friends, your dirty politicians, WILL HELP YOU! We will see if your morals can save you on that day. I hear everything! I see everything! You believe that world conditions will eventually get better. You better wake up and read the Bible.

I have heard and I have seen some of the letters that My prophet, Reymundo, gets. You people think you are so clever. You are so wise. I know many of you do not like him. For what he says. Some of you call him a right wing fundamentalist. Some of you think he is crazy. Some of you think he is on drugs. Wait and see, when you are on your knees asking for mercy. Because you didn’t listen to this prophet of Mine. I am serious, I am direct and I am to the point. If I am going to squash you, I AM GOING TO SQUASH YOU!

Reymundo is having a hard time right now with the finances. He is doing some little jobs here and little jobs there to keep the ministry going. Sometimes he believes, I am not there. But he is blessed and I will give him mercy. He is doing the best he can with what he has. But the rest of you, who were laughing. Pointing your finger that him making jokes. We will see!

Even you pastors, you think I do not see and I do not hear what you are saying about My prophet. You haven’t read the Bible. There is a part in the Bible where it says, “Didn’t I cast out demons in your name!” I tell you, “I do not know you!” But when I squash you, it won’t matter to Me. For I gave My Law, I gave My Prophecies, I gave My Visions to many people to deliver to this little planet, and you laughed at My Prophets, and you rejected the Word of God. That is what I see. You didn’t obey. You didn’t comply. You ridiculed and you mocked your God with your pride, with your religious words. We will see – the day is rapidly approaching, when WE will see each other Eye to eye.

You have no idea of the Power of God. You think these hurricanes that are moving around the planet, the raising and the falling of the waters around the globe- are the Power of God. That is NOTHING! That isn’t even a whisper from My Lips to the Maximum Power that your God Jehovah has. I will take care of you mockers. You people with pride. We will see!

I will give Reymundo more instructions as the days come and I will give him the funds he needs to deliver My Words at the right time at the right place. But there will come a day, where Reymundo will not need anymore money, and he will not need anymore Words from God. For everything will stop, and My Heel will come down on what is dirty, on what is filthy. And then I will speak to all directly from Heaven, Eye to eye, Face to face. And I will Hug and I will Kiss My Little Children that followed My Words, Obeyed and Loved each other with the Love of God.

So My Children that are seeking Me read the Bible. Pray, have Communion. Help your brothers and sisters. For your Lord Jehovah, your King of Kings, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and the Holy Spirit are walking side by side with you, through the ups and downs of the coming days. With Love and affection, We will see you through these troubled days, these troubled times. Until I see you in Heaven, I bid you farewell with Love and Kisses, this is your Loving Father Jehovah. (over)

Prophecy 1208 Audio

The 1208 sound clip is about 7 minutes (821KB) from my original micro cassette recording tape. There is some background noise on this file. This Prophecy Sound clip is in English and Spanish. Read the text as you listen to the sound clip for best results.

putthelightin.com courtesy of prophecy.org

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