1533. Occurrence – Through the City of Santiago, Chile

1553. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 11 July 2000 at 12:30 PM

As Carl and I walked through the City of Santiago, Chile, the Lord placed an impression on my spirit that we were to find a newspaper office and place an advertisement in the newspaper.  This spiritual impression became stronger and stronger, so I mentioned it to Carl.   We saw a guard in front of an office complex and asked him if he knew of a newspaper office, but he didn’t know where the city’s newspaper office was.  So we prayed for direction as we walked through the city, as to where to find a newspaper office. We were somehow led to a side street not far from where this impression came upon my spirit.  There we found a sign in front of it, which indicated the names of various publications. We inquired inside, and the receptionist asked an English-speaking employee to assist us.  It turned out he was from Finland.  Acting in faith, we asked for the basic advertisement rates for this free weekly newspaper, which went to the Santiago neighborhoods and over 300,000 residents. We got the basic ad rates and the Finnish man began translating our English ad into Spanish and we went outside to pray about whether to place this ad.

Then the Lord said, “Anoint the front of the building and place the ad.”

After we paid for the ad, then we went outside to Anoint the ground.

The Lord then instructed us where to Anoint.  He said, “Anoint the grass (to the left of a concrete walkway, and ball shaped monument.  Then the Lord said, “Anoint the grass to the right of a concrete ball shaped monument, then Anoint in front of the tree”.  This was in front of the walkway.  I noticed this formed a triangle, it remind me of the Trinity.

Then the Lord impressed my spirit that our Anointing work in Chile was finished.

The Advertisement we placed in the PLC Publicaciones Lo Castillo SA.:

Jesus is Coming!

El Senor sent us 15,000 Km from the United States to pray for Chili, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, and Venezuela.

Please pray with us for the lost and for your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Reymundo Aguilera and Carlos Gustafson

Website: www.prophecy.org

Then during prayer we asked the Lord, “Why did you bring us to South America?”

The Lord said, “I brought you to South America because I love you.”

Regarding the oil that was poured in front of the newspaper office, Carl prayed that this was God’s seal over His souls in Chile.

Then the Lord said, “Carl prayed correctly”.

putthelightin.com courtesy of prophecy.org

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