1556. Prophecy – Here comes the Day of hunger

1556. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 17 October 2000 at 2:15 AM in Spanish.

How are you My son? How are you? I have not spoken to you for many days. Yes, I have shown you things in the spirit, but we have not spoken like We used to speak. I know that you have a lot of work. I know that you are tired and I know that you are waiting for Me. Yes, Reymundo, We have to do many things, in the spirit and in the body (flesh).

The time has now arrived, that I told you many years ago. The Day, that was going to come – the Day of hunger. Yes, here comes the Day of hunger. The People of the world aren’t going to believe you, but they are going to be frightened. You know and I know – that all is going like I planned it. Yes, all is going to go exactly and to the point.

I tell you these things because there are those brothers and sisters that are seeking you with the fever of God. They want to speak with you, but the thing is My son – I have to say the manner of the Word of God, and the manner of the Word of God – people do not believe. They want to ask you, the things of man. They want to know the things of man, but their hearts do not seek the manner of the Father, the manner of the Son, and the manner of the Holy Spirit. Because all of the pastors have shown them, people and My sheep, to seek the manner of man. What a shame! For they do not know how to seek the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. What a shame!

The man that I earlier told you about, years ago, that wants to eat the world, he is now ready. Yes, My son, he is ready! He has the fever of the devil. He wants to eat all that is good. He seeks and likes women. He likes money. He likes the things of the devil. He is going to frighten the Body of My Son, but they are so blind and deaf. They wouldn’t know Me if I walked into their churches. They would throw stones at Me too. That’s the way the things of man are. They are filthy, but I am going to correct everything My son, with My Word, and with the Holy Spirit.

Yes. All of the Words you have written with your mouth, with your hand are going come, to the point. Many people are going to say “Aye! They are not clear! They are not straight in the manner of God”. They are going to do this and that – that is because they are seeking the word of man. That’s all that they know! They would not recognize the Word of God, if it hit them on top of their heads. But that is another manner and another manner of the devil. He does not want people to seek Me.

You My son, I know that you are very tired. I know that your body hurts, your eyes, and your hands. I am going to correct all. I am going to send you the money that you will need. I am going to send you the strength, for I know what is going to happen. Here comes the time, which they are going to seek you out, like I mentioned to you earlier. Some are going to cry, others are going to get angry, others are going to want to kiss and hug you. Remember there are My Angels with you, I do not want you to open your mouth. I do not want you to say anything, when the people of the churches seek you out. For the problems are Mine, not yours! You cannot correct a thing, but I – I can correct all to the point. Did you hear Me, My son? I – the Father, with the Son and the Holy Spirit, We can correct everything.

My thanks, for all of the work – and all the things that I promised, I am going to give you. I have heard your tears and I know that you have sweated with the work that you have done for Me. That is why I love you, My son, for the heart, for the sweat, for the love, for the flame of God. Come on now, sleep and rest. I will tell you what you have to do tomorrow to the point. (over)

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