176. Prophecy – Decisions are made and broken in the United States. Modem

176. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 28 July 1992 at 2:06 AM. in English.

My son, I love you with all My Heart. Please have patience for the machine you will get for your computer will help you spread the Word to the far corners of the World. Be Strong, be brave, for you are doing a good job. I know it was trying today, it was hard for you, but I told you I would help you with what you needed and when you need it.

So be strong and be brave for you will be asked to send Prophecies to different parts of the country and the modem will help you to do it faster and cheaper than by Mail. Don’t worry about money. Don’t worry about women, just obey your Father and Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, for you are on schedule.

So thank you for Praying and asking permission on the little things that you do. For I watch those little things and you have My Consent of the things that you have asked. I will give you the desires of your heart at the appropriate time.

For at the proper time that decisions are made and DECISIONS ARE BROKEN, in the United States, things will begin to move faster. So be strong and be brave and start sending them to the bulletin boards across the nations; across the world. So saith Jehovah, the Creator of the Universe, the Maker, the Breaker of everything, with Love and Peace, I tell you these things My son.

putthelightin.com courtesy of prophecy.org

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