1775. Prophecy – Four Square Church

1775 Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera 1 February 2004 at 10:45 AM

This morning started as usual, but this new Japan Mission trip was on my mind.  I kept wondering when will the Mission funds arrive and when will the Lord say go?  All of these unanswered questions are in my daily prayers.  So I decided to pay our monthly bills and see how much I could set aside for the Mission trip.  Well, I paid every major bill except my medical insurance and decided to go to the post office and see if there were any more funds for the Japan Mission trip and some for the rest of our monthly bills.  There were two support checks, but not enough to leave for Japan.  So, still wondering about Japan, I figured the Lord has His timing so I’ll just wait on Him.

Since Eva and I are going to have our new baby in May, this not paying our medical insurance began to weigh on me.  So I changed my mind and decided to pay this bill too.  I had begun working on the unfinished Prophecies of South America of three or four years ago, so I made my mind up to go to the post office quickly through the drive through mail box and drop off my medical insurance payment and get back to work.  Well, as I approached the post office something in my spirit told me to drop this payment check inside the post office and check my mail box again.  This is one of those strange occurrences that make totally no sense.  I almost went through the drive through mail box, but decided to go inside the post office and check my mail box again (only being there 45 minutes earlier).  What went through my mind was, “Big waste of time!”

I parked and opened my door and I noticed two papers on the ground, an opened envelope and what looked like a check.  I picked up the envelope and noticed a check made out to an alarm company from a Four Square church in El Sobrante.  Well, I placed the check in my truck and went inside to mail my medical insurance payment and to check the contents of my PO Box.  Well, my post office box was still empty.  This left me confused.  I wondered “Why did I need to check my post office box?”

Then it dawned on me that maybe it had to do with this church alarm check I had found on the ground.  So I said to myself, go home and mail it to them, but I had this spiritual sense to drop it off at their church.  I did not know El Sobrante had a Four Square Church and I could not find it, but finely I found it.  No one was there so I dropped one of my Prophecy.org cards in the mail slot with a short note.  I expected a call that day or the next, but nothing happened.  So I called the telephone number on the check and got an answering machine.  So I left my phone number and was left wondering, what is the Lord trying to do here?  Well, later I received a call from a young girl asking what I wanted.  After finding out it was the Four Square church I told them I had their check for the alarm company.  The pastor picked up the phone and he did not seem to remember finding a Prophecy.org card in his church.  Then he said, oh yes, and that he had placed the card somewhere and he had forgotten about it.  He told me the church was fairly new and invited me to his Sunday church service and said he wanted to meet with me.

All that came to my mind was the Four Square Church I went to in Danville when the Lord first began to give me Prophecies.  I went there for about three years but because of the Prophecies the head pastor tried to get me arrested at a church member’s home, and then later he had his five associate pastors surround me and they tried to stop me from going to their Sunday church service.

This pastor seemed very nice and I tried to tell him politely, thank you, but no thank you.  As we talked I told him how I found his check and my experience with the Four Square church in Danville.  Our phone conversion was short and I gave him our website address and told him to look at it and if he still wanted to get together to let me know.  Well, I guess a day or so went by and he e-mailed me and said, he wanted to talk some more.  He stated that he hadn’t read a lot of the website but thought maybe I still could come to his church or have lunch.  As we spoke I went deeper somewhat into this Prophetic Ministry and told him to read more and then we would get together if he still wanted.  I did not tell him, but from the beginning what has been on my mind was, why did I find an ALARM check and not an electric or water bill check?

Our Lord works in unusual ways.  Sending out a medical payment changed my scheduled day.  I believe, we as Christian, need to listen to the Holy Spirit even if it does not make sense to us in the flesh.  Only the Holy Spirit knows why and what is going to happen, but if we do not follow our Lord Jesus Christ, whether it is to Japan thousands of miles away or to deliver a lost check two miles away, how are we going to fulfill our purpose in Christ?

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