2. Prophecy – Presence of God

2. Visions given to Raymond Aguilera on 18 July 1990.


I see a white Light moving down from the sky between the clouds. I could sense the Presence of God, the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.

white light moving down

Vision:Then from out of this white Light a white Star appears.

a white star

Vision:I saw this white Star move out by itself in the sky. The next thing I see is this white Star hover over a large white cloud.

white Star hover over a large white cloud

I knew it was the top of a nuclear explosion for I knew the shape of the cloud. So I pretended not to know what it was. During the vision I knew it was Jesus Christ that was speaking to me, but I cannot explain how I knew. I just knew beyond any doubt that it was Him. He was speaking to me by placing thoughts in My mind. There weren’t any sounds exchanged. We communicated through the mind. This whole thing had me frightened because I had never really had a vision like this before. I remember, I was so scared for I knew who was speaking to me and I didn’t like what I was seeing. I did everything I could do to avoid the subject of the mushroom cloud, but He would not budge from the vision of the mushroom cloud. This whole mushroom vision must have lasted fifteen or twenty minutes because I kept avoiding the subject. I don’t remember why, but I gave in and He showed the whole thing.top of a nuclear explosion

Vision:I could see the Star over the nuclear explosion. I was so frightened that I started to cry. So I got mad at Him and I told Him to show everything and not to hold anything back. The next thing He showed me was a clear sheet of glass with bubbles on the surface.

clear sheet of glass with bubbles


This vision of a clear sheet of glass made me even angrier for after seeing a nuclear explosion I was shown something that didn’t make sense. The next thing I was shown was the ground. As I watched the ground it opened up and a large crystal came up. It was about one foot in diameter and about eighteen inches high with a bright white cone on top.
a large crystal
This crystal with a cone on top made no sense either, but then this crystal changed into the United States Pentagon Building.
United States Pentagon Building

Then the ice cream cone changed into the continent of South America

ice cream coneSouth America


11 Texas




The Lord showed me the country of Holland by showing me a windmill.

country of Holland

Vision:Then He showed me the country of Egypt by showing the Egyptian Sphinx.

Egyptian Sphinx

Vision:All of a sudden I see three pyramids flying in the sky. I could see them from the bottom side.

three pyramids flying in the sky

Vision:The next image was of an enormous black cloud moving from left to right. Then a massive White Cloud appeared moving from right to left. These two clouds met in the middle and the White Cloud swallowed the black cloud.

enormous black cloud

Vision:Then the sky turned a beautiful light blue with a beautiful rainbow in the sky. I cannot explain it, but I felt peace and everything that I could see was at peace.


The next image startled me for I was out in outer space and I could see the planet Earth. Out of nowhere a large hot rock appeared. I could see the black outer surface with its red inner core glowing bright red. As the black rock hit the planet Earth it bounced on the countries, continents, and the state of Texas that I had seen earlier in the vision.

black rock hit the planet Earth

Vision:Everything was peaceful for a second, then out of nowhere a single beam of light shot through the blackness of outer space. Then there was another beam of light moving toward the planet Earth. Then a third came forth and before I could comprehend what

was going on, outer space was filled with these beams of lights. They just showered the planet Earth

like rain and peppered the whole surface.

showered the planet Earth

Vision:In the next image, I could see the Earth as you see it from outer space. It looked so beautiful with its white clouds and blue green water, I could even see the weather patterns. I don’t know from where Jesus Christ came from, but He was standing next to me as I watched the planet Earth. Then all of a sudden the planet disappeared and all I could see was black space. I remember I argued with Christ because the planet just vanished into nothing. He showed me the planet two more times and each time it disappeared into nothing. This really upset me for I kept arguing with Him.

the planet disappeared


Then out of nowhere a new planet appeared, but this planet was three to four times bigger than the planet Earth. It had a bright white light on the outside of it with a dark center.

a new planet appeared

Vision:By this time I didn’t know what to believe, so I said to Christ, “I don’t believe it. I want to go down and see for myself what’s down there.” The next thing that happened, we both started descending toward the planet. Once we entered the outer surface, all I could see were these white clouds moving through the sky, but they weren’t like the clouds I was used to seeing. The actual planet could not be seen because these white clouds covered the whole planet. These clouds were different, they seemed to have there own individual movement, each was separate from the others. What crossed my mind was that these were individual spirits and not clouds at all, but I really didn’t know. This all happened while Christ and I were descending to the planet and since I could not see anything, I told Him that I didn’t believe it and I asked Him to take me down farther into the planet.

white clouds covered the whole planetindividual spirits and not clouds at all


What I saw was this enormous White Light in the sky over this great body of water. This water had no currents or waves. It looked like one giant sheet of glass.

enormous White Light in the sky over this great body of water

Vision:During my conversation with Christ I kept telling Him that I didn’t believe it, for there wasn’t any ground or dirt. The whole thing was so unusual for we were standing on top of the water. Then without any warning, right where we were standing, the cone part of the ice cream cone, that I had seen earlier, started to come out of the water. The end first without even creating any waves on the water right next to us. It grew and grew until it was a mountain maybe a mile high into the sky. Then without any warning Christ disappeared and the vision stopped.

cone, that I had seen earlier, started to come out of the water





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