7.2 Philippines Earthquake Vision/Dream Fulfilled

[First Occurrence]

Dream of 7.2 Philippine Islands Quake 03/07/2011

(As recorded in a Facebook Note posted May 16, 2011 at 9:59pm)

7.2 Philippine Islands

This is a flash dream I had this morning 03/07/2011 at 08:00am MST. I heard the words 7.2 Philippine Islands and I saw the text. I do not know if this is a God given word. The last time I had a flash dream it was a woman who was going to commit suicide. It was real, she came forward and is alive today. I knew it was real and posted it immediately. This earth quake I am not sure so I am posting it as such.

[Second Occurrence]

Again this morning on 09/21/2011 at about 7:00am, in my sleep I saw “7.2 Philippines”. This time it was in red.

7.2 Philippines Oct. 15, 2013

Here is the FB Note Link

Comments from Gary from a FB post concerning this occurrence:

I doubted God the first time He showed me of a 7.2 Philippines Earthquake. In the note I even said, that I don’t know if it was Him. Then 6 months later He showed me the 7.2 Philippines Earthquake again in red letters.

How much faith does it take for God to speak to you? None. How much does it take to believe? Some. How much does it take to act on what He says? Some more. After the second time, I was more confident that it was Him. Since then I have wondered, when it will happen and I have doubted too but not enough to remove the note.

A friend asked “why does He show us these things?”. I gave some obvious answers but somehow they don’t seem to satisfy the question. Not in her nor in me. He did not tell me to post the Dreams/Visions, He merely showed me. I know why I posted them. I wanted people to know that God is real and He does speak to people and what He says does happen. I felt it would give credence to my warnings and encouragements that He is coming soon, we are in the very last of days and to turn to Jesus Christ now while there is still time. Those are my reasons. What are His reasons for showing me this? Other than my surmising that the reasons are to warn, to pray and show the He is indeed God, I really don’t know what His reasons are.

What I do know is this. I Heard 7.2 Philippine Islands and I saw the text, then, 6 months later, I saw red text saying 7.2 Philippines, and now it happened. That’s what I know.

God does speak to His people in a myriad of ways. He has spoken to me in several ways, and several or maybe many times. This way is a new way to me and I believe He has many more ways.

In my mind, I would think that the fact that this has happened, ought to provoke faith in souls. It ought to say to the observing soul, “God is real and he is serious and I ought to fear and reverence Him and believe Jesus Christ His Son”. I mean here is a guy preaching Jesus Christ on FB for more than three years and he hears and sees of a particular magnitude quake in a specific place and it comes to pass. That ought to be more significant than a photo of food. It ought to weigh in on the soul of the observer. Are you observing? Does it have any weight in your soul?

Seek Jesus Christ now, before it’s too late. The day is coming when it will be too late. You may even drop dead before that day comes. It may be too late for you before the deadline arrives. You must take Jesus Christ seriously. Hell is forever and so is glory with Jesus Christ. Choose glory. Choose Jesus Christ now.

Link to FB Post of these Comments from Gary:

Screen Shot of the USGS record:


7.2 earthquake recorded in the Philippines’ Bohol province – @usgs

7.2 magnitude earthquake strikes Philippines: 93 dead, state of emergency declared Posted on October 15, 2013

Hopeless search as Philippine quake death toll hits 151

Death toll hits 150; quake affects 3M
ByNikko DizonPhilippine Daily Inquirer
12:52 am | Thursday, October 17th, 2013

It was the biggest quake to hit Cebu and Bohol!
(The Philippine Star) | Updated October 17, 2013 – 12:00am

Philippine quake’s heavy damage to historic churches deals big blow as death toll rises to 144The earthquake that struck the central Philippines and killed at least 144 people also dealt a serious blow to the region’s historical and religious legacy by heavily damaging a dozen or more churches, some of them hundreds of years old.
Associated Press

New 7.2 Philippines Earthquake
M 7.2 earthquake in Pondaguitan, Pacific Ocean – West,Philippines on 29th December 2018 03:39:12 AM.


MANILA, Philippines (7th UPDATE) – A magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck off east of Governor Generoso town in Davao Oriental on Saturday, December 29, with possible tsunami threat for parts of the Philippines and Indonesia.

According to a bulletin posted by the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs), the quake was recorded at 11: 39 am Saturday. Aftershocks were expected.


Tsunami warning issued after a massive 7.2 magnitude earthquake rocks the Philippines

  • A tsunami warning is in place after 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit the Philippines 
  • Areas of the Philippines and Indonesia are on high alert after the massive quake
  • Residents fronting the Philippine Sea have been told to get away from the coast 
  • There is no threat to Australia


    Magnitude 7.2 earthquake strikes off the coast of the Philippines

    A 7.2-magnitude earthquake has struck off the coast of Mindanao, a southern Philippine island, producing a tsunami threat for parts of the Pacific. The tectonic shake took place almost 200 kilometres east of the city of General Santos at a depth of 60 kilometres.



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