820. Occurrence – A Yosemite camping trip.

For I was in Yosemite two days before the California earthquake. It was exactly this week six years ago that I had helped this young man with his two children down the mountain trail from Vernal Falls.


820. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 16 October 1995.

Camping Trip:

A Christian camping friend called and asked if I wanted to go to Yosemite camping because his job had surprised him with some time off. They had messed up his previously planned vacation, so now they offered him this extra time.

I said yes, because I was exhausted and wanted to just relax, rest, and to get focused, and get some quality prayer time with the Lord. So my friend picked the date and called the day before to see if everything was still set. My friend knew that nothing is set with me until the very last minute because the Lord deals with me from day to day without any advance notice. So the next day I packed up my tent and sleeping bag and we hit the road.

As we were driving toward Yosemite, the radio station we were listening to mentioned that it was exactly six years ago that the 1989 earthquake hit California. I began to wonder if the Lord had all of this planned even before my Christian friend had decided to ask me to go camping. For I was in Yosemite two days before the California earthquake. It was exactly this week six years ago that I had helped this young man with his two children down the mountain trail from Vernal Falls. Yosemite was the place that one of the big three things that I had done; happened. This was one of the occurrences that I wrote about in my opening testimony. The Lord was going to give me whatever I wanted because of these three things, and one of these things I did was to help this young man with his two children down the hiking trail from the Vernal Falls. I mean almost to the day, I am back at Yosemite! I think about this Vernal Falls occurrence a lot, and this later led to this quest of seeking the Lord blindly through tears and prayers. Suddenly this whole resting trip took another focus.

Well on Tuesday, I found myself going up the same trail, only this time, I am walking by myself praying in tongues, something I didn’t even believe in six years ago, and wondering what was up ahead. I was almost at Vernal Falls when I found the trail blocked with some kind of gate about a tenth of mile from the top. There was this man from the search and rescue department guarding the gate. We began to talk and he told me about the things he did. So I spent the next hour and a half sharing with him the things that the Lord had done with me and what had happened to me on this trail. And he shared some of his experiences of rescuing people and some of the things he had seen. His job was to pick up people that had fallen off cliffs and people that had gotten hurt with broken legs and things like that. He said he had been doing it for three years and had seen some strange things while doing his job. We both were touched with each other’s testimony. As I left he said, “God bless you.” I never found out if he was a Christian, though he talked like a Christian, but he never admitted he was. Maybe he’s one of those Christians under the water line of the iceberg, that the Lord mentioned in an earlier prophecy.

This was a very interesting trip. I spent the rest of the day praying and reading the bible and I came home refreshed. It’s funny in how the Lord works. You think you are out doing your own thing, but you’re right where you are suppose to be, doing the Lord’s work and you don’t even know it or sense it. The Lord always seems to be ahead guiding and showing us. I felt very strange being the only one back to Yosemite on the six year anniversary of the group’s camping trip. I guess there were about twenty or so people in the group, and I was the only one back on this unplanned six year anniversary trip going up the same old hiking trail. I am going to say it again, “It was strange going there, and finding out the Lord had arranged it, and not even know it, until I was on my way there.” (over)

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