Christians In The Workplace At The Time Of The Antichrist

In the dream, (2011) I was a participating observer. I and another man walked into a workplace through two swinging glass doors. We turned right and walked about twenty feet, then turned right again to clock in with the lady at the reception. Her job was to observe the employees for anything suspicious. Me and the man with me were Christians and we knew we needed to be discreet and on good behavior or we could be killed. Behind us, in the work place were many cubicles and desks. There were two Christians who were being boisterous and loudly talking against the Antichrist. The man I was with an I kept to ourselves and I knew we were both thinking the same thing. We were thinking that these foolish Christians in their pride and arrogance were endangering all of us Christians. (End of Dream)

It seems Christians will have to be discreet not merely to protect themselves from unbelievers but from foolish Christians who can get them killed! We better be praying for wisdom and protection now, against the time of the Antichrist.


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