Meditation & Consecration

What Must I Do To Be Saved Mid Way

Edifying the reader with solid foundational scriptural understanding aimed at rooting and grounding believers in faith in Christ for personal sanctification, through thoughtful and prayerful meditation on concurrent passages which focus on essential scriptural truths.
Very little occasional to no commentary will be included in the Meditation and Consecration as it is intended for the reader to focus his/her being on Christ, looking to the Spirit of God to quicken the understanding. This is a time to consecrate one’s self in a dedicated act of worship to the Lord, as you read and meditate on the Words of Holy Scripture, and draw life from the Spirit of God in personal fellowship with Him.

Get alone, take communion, light a candle if you want, and set aside this time just for you and the Lord.

November 12, 2015 Meditation & Consecration – Will of God and Sanctification
November 13, 2015 Meditation & Consecration – Supremacy of Christ
November 16, 2015 Meditation & Consecration – Spiritual Blessings
November 18, 2015 Meditation & Consecration – Prayer of Jesus
November 19, 2015 Meditation & Consecration – But For The Joy Set Before Him
December 6, 2015 Meditation & Consecration – The Love of God Perfected

Daily Meditation & Prayer