Dream of Indoor Farming During Times of Islamic Infiltration and Violence

Dream from overnight April 22 to 23 2017
In the dream two of us, a woman and I were visiting a farm in a place that seemed like Wyoming. I am not saying it was Wyoming, I am saying it felt like Wyoming to me.
It was a huge shed. Indoors were chickens and rabbits and many, many workers, I saw tools for food farming. There was a fine white sand in much of the place around the animal containment areas.
There were a lot of high powered rifles. Various types. Lots of semi autos in the .30 cal range.
Although I didn’t see food farming, I knew it was taking place within this enormous shed. One end of the shed was for living quarters, then a common meeting and prep area, then the large working area that was beyond my view, although I did see a small part of the livestock section.
At one point, I was outside a main set of doors that swung open and closed on hinges. They were open and a few of us were outside enjoying the nice day.
Suddenly some men approached shooting weapons. They were AK-47s.
One of our men man started yelling, “Hamas! Hamas!”
These attackers had a scarf type thing on their heads like what Yasser Arafat wore except theirs was a faded red, almost light pink and white. They kinda seemed checkered in appearance.They really did look like little Yasser Arafats.
One Islamic guy was shooting at me. I picked up a swivel rocker we had out there to sit on to shield myself from the bullets and we made our way into the shed. I locked the shed door but was not confident I did it right.
We yelled “Hamas! Hamas!”, as we hurried through to where men were.
These people had a plan and procedures ready to go and immediately implemented them. Everyone seemed to know exactly what to do. I heard someone say, “elderly, women, and children!” and I knew they were being taken to safety within the shed somewhere.
I asked one man who was getting his family sheltered if he had an AR-15 I could use. He said he would set me up and in addition, the resident men and him would have a meeting and they would pitch in and buy me one of my own for future use. At this point, I understood, I would be staying there a while.
The dream changed and I was trying to share something humorous with the woman who was with me. Instead of seeing the humor, she got angry and suspicious and asked about the female author of the humor. This thing I was showing here was a small item about 8x10x1 inch and had a humorous saying on it. I do not know what the saying was but it had an autograph identifying the author. I had no idea who the source was and just wanted to share the humor. I explained that but the woman with me got even more angry, took my i-Phone and left my presence.

I didn’t know where she went and was frustrated at the thought that our relationship could end on baseless jealousy when I was merely sharing humor with her. I was hoping she would come to see that. I felt sick to my stomach over it and was left wondering if this was something that would blow over or if she was really gone. Dream ended.


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