Ghath Christians – Foolishly Doing Business with the Enemy.

Ghath Christians – Foolishly doing business with the enemy.

A few nights ago I had an interesting dream. In the dream, I was on what I know to be my property. Rolling pasture hills. I had a very large shed or barn. It was open. A small woman came, dress in a long dress or wrap. It look silken and had nice colors of gold and bronze, kind of fall colors. She seemed peaceful and quiet.

Then, I saw horses running toward my barn where me and the woman were standing. On the back of one horse was a man. He was riding the back end of the horse. He had his right foot on the horses’ right leg and one foot free. He was holding the horses’ tail with his right hand close to where the tail attaches to the body. He had his left hand on the horses’ left hip. He rode all the way to my barn like that. When he arrived, I immediately knew he was the woman’s husband. I said to him, “that was a very interesting way to ride a horse. That must have been stressful for both you and the horse”. We both laughed.

I was remembering earlier in the dream, an old boss of mine had mentioned “cat Christians”. I was still puzzled over that term.

The man who came on the horse said to me that he is a “cat Christian”. I knew they were a sect from the east of me, like Turkey or the middle east somewhere. I knew they were affluent, rich but humble and did not live i such a way to exhibit their wealth.

He was exhilarated and excited to tell me about a connection he had to acquire lots f groceries for the purpose of stocking up for a coming emergency. This connection was with Muslims. As soon as he said that I warned him of the foolishness of such a thing. Telling him that to buy from Muslims for the purpose of stocking up for a coming emergency is to give intelligence to the enemy.

I told him two times back to back that America is going to be judged by God and it will be by Islam. America is going to be judged by God and Islam will His instrument.

The man knew I was right. He conceded. But he would still do business with Islam to acquire these foods for stocking up.

Once I got that warning out of the way, I asked him about “cat Christians”, telling him had heard that term before. He said it is spelled, “Ghath” but pronounce like “cat”. I said, “Ghath” like Goth”? He laughed and said “no not like goth. Ghath like cat.” only this time the hard C was like a G and a C combined in pronunciation.

We headed off eastward to the edge of my property which bordered anothers’ property whereon he raised cattle. On our property boundary was a faucet. It had a lever valve rather than a wheel valve to open the water for people to drink. Below that was a larger valve for a hose or animals. The woman took a drink and I had to fuss with the two valves to get them to stop spraying a mist of water out. I wasn’t completely able to shut it all the way off. The woman took a rag and said, “let’s salvage all the water we can” and she soaked up some of the mist into the rag.

End of Dream

A close friend looked up the word Ghath for me. I have never seen or hear of this word. The word is associated with the Middle east and Muslims! Also, (I haven’t been able to verify it) but she found the word supposedly in Septuagint meaning corruption, pit, destruction etc….) I also found information about Muslim persecution of Christians in the Ghat mountains. Not the same spelling but too similar to disregard.

If anyone has more info on this word, “Ghath”, I’d like to know.



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