Mark of the Beast/Antichrist Dream 07/27/2017

Before I woke, on the morning of 07/27/2017, I had a dream of the time of the power of the Antichrist and the preparation for the mark of the beast. I will tell here things which I remember from the dream.

In the dream, people were choosing which side they are on. It was being pressed upon them to do so by the Antichrist. I saw large display screens showing people being tortured and frightened. This was to intimidate those who should decide to follow Christ. People were put in waters with alligators and waking up with snakes in their beds.

There was audio playing from time to time for all to hear. One thing that was said which I do remember was this, “they told you that you were born on the day you entered the Church, but that was the day you died”; the Antichrist was saying something like, “they told you there was life in the Church, but I tell you, there is life only in me”. (Antichrist speaking).

People were instructing me as to how to stay alive. There were some of us Christians who were in the city, (I don’t know what city but say this to contrast being out in the woods away from dense population and government control). It was too late to make a move to get away from the city, we were being watched day and night. People were asking other people if they were safe. Some seemed to know what things we could do and say and stay alive and what things we could do and say to get us killed.

They gave us chips, like poker chips. Five or so sets. We were to eat one set a day until they were gone. Then, they would give us the mark of the beast. Some of us decided we would play along up to the mark of the beast. We were waiting to see if God would provide a way out of danger or if we would have to die for rejecting the Antichrist and his mark. Swallowing these poker chip like things was very difficult. At one point, I had just two sets left and a lady came and pressed me to give them to her. She said that she needed to feed them. That made no sense but when I took them out of my pocket, there was a toy plastic snake with them. She insisted she needed the chips and to feed the snake. I objected and told her it was plastic. She said, “are you plastic?”, I said of course not and she said, “see? you’re not plastic and need to eat just like the snake is plastic and needs to eat”, and she grabbed my chips and the snake and went away with them. I was aggravated and frustrated at her insanity and told the story flabbergastedly to a friend right after this happened.

I remember an authority telling me and others that our friends were being tortured and killed for not turning from the Church to the Antichrist. Many things via display screens and audio were being said and done to persuade people to leave the Church and turn their allegiance to the Antichrist.

I remember a woman putting up a tent like thing. There was some writing that when I looked at it, she said, “you’ll never understand that”.

An acquaintance of mine in the dream, who was for the Antichrist, told me, “if you are killed, that’s cool, I think people should be willing to die for what they believe, but please don’t make a lot of noise like this guy did. I mean, he did fine up to the last minute, then he made this awful noise . . .” and the acquaintance, with a look of disgust, mockingly mimicked the sound the man made as he was being killed. This showed me the shallow and heartless state of man at the time of the mark of the beast.

I had some friends who were also going along with the swallowing of the poker chip like things leading up to the mark. They too were trying to stay alive until the last minute. They had remodeled their house with beautiful wood trim and marble floors. They even put up a marble podium or pulpit in the living room. I wondered why they had done this remodel. It made me think maybe God would have some of us protected to worship in the midst of all that was happening.

None of us knew whether the Lord would deliver us or let us be killed. There were men watching us and no one could move about without being known.

[End of what I can remember from the dream]

What stands out the most about the dream is the words I heard. “they told you that you were born on the day you entered the Church, but that was the day you died”, the Antichrist was saying something like, “they told you there was life in the Church but I tell you, there is life only in me”. (Antichrist speaking).

There was a sense of an awakening, but it was to the Antichrist. There was a sense of trepidation about being truly of The Church. It was apparent that people were seeing the Church as a great deception and the Antichrist was saving people from it. It felt eerie and sickening to me. Everyone was given a limited amount of time to make their transition from the Church to the Antichrist. We knew, if we weren’t on board by the date set, we would die. People were already being killed and used as examples for the rest of us. There was a lot of intimidation and psychological conditioning going on.

The fact that they never said, “Jesus” or “Christ” makes me wonder if they were so filled with hate and fear of Him to the point that they could not and would not say His name.

Blessed be the name of JESUS CHRIST – As for me and my house, we will follow HIM.



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