PLAYED BY THE BEAST – Dogs wait for Jezebel’s Blood

Pence is a Jesuit trained Catholic appealing to Protestants. Trump is a Jesuit educated fake Protestant appealing to Catholics. Ecumenical mixing successfully executed at the office of the President.








Trump’s hero pastor is 33 degree free mason Luciferian infiltrator Norman Vincent Peale, founder of the mega church apostasy and mentor to Schuller, Hybles and Warren.







The Pope is again accessing control over U.S Government both directly by Catholic liaisons such as Cardinal Timothy Dolan and clandestinely through Protestant apostates such as Kenneth Copeland and Paula White. We all know about Copeland’s unification with the Luciferian Jesuit Papacy.

Cardinal Dolan

The Pope and Copeland







Copeland threatens Christians to vote for Trump or be guilty of murder and abomination to God








Trump’s son in law Kushner purchased 666 5th ave, which everyone knows has been associated with Lucent technologies, Mondex, ATT, Rockefeller and more. Look it up. Kushner btw is a convert to Orthodox Judaism, an antichrist religion steeped in Kabbalist mysticism, another mystery religion controlling world affairs from behind the scenes. Do some research and learn the connection between Kabbalists and Jesuits and Free Masons.


Trump’s son-in-law Kushner who paid 1.8 billion for 666 5th ave and helped Trump win the election self learning technology










The beast system has swung you so far left and so traumatized the pseudo Christian conservative right with the 8 year Obama nightmare that you have easily been manipulated into begging for and promoting the beast agenda to unify religion and government which is exactly what the beast needs to reign over all the earth. Yes, you have been the willing subjects of Hegelian Dialectic manipulation.

Christians are successfully aiding the beast in his agenda which ironically includes using this system that Christians helped him establish, to kill them off.

Like lambs to slaughter a bleating you will go. I don’t know how much any warnings will help since many of those who are deceived have been so by a deceiving spirit sent from the Lord Himself in response to a stiff necked determination in “christians” to follow the voice of the enemy.

We are in a time of strong delusion and apostasy. What makes you think the last days beast agenda and deception has been put on hold for you?

Prophecy will be fulfilled. I pray any of you who can still hear, who can still feel inside that this puppet show is a ruse from Satan’s agents who run the U. S., will shake off the vain hope of a temporary worldly utopia and set your heart and eyes back on heaven, back on Jesus Christ and back on the Bible.

Trump has surrounded himself with all manner of Jesuit and free mason billionaire elite and the pseudo Christian Right are as giddy as can be over it.

Jezebel wants that field for Ahab and she is doing everything she can to get it.

Dogs are licking their lips for her blood. Don’t be dog food.

Those who have ears to hear let them hear.

Dogs lick up Jezebel's blood

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