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Selected Prophecies, Visions, Occurrences and Dreams

From Jehovah God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit;

given to Raymond Aguilera.

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Odabrana proroštva dana
Raymondu Aguileri, prevedena na hrvatski.

(Selected Prophecies given to Raymond Aguilera, translated into Croatian.)




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Meaning of Love / The Art of Love


Original Sound tape Jehovah speaking using Raymond Aguilera’s voice.


Raymond Aguilera reading prophecy 98


98. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 18 June 1992 at 11:00 AM. in English.

I love you. The Art of Love is simple. The Art of Love is giving yourself to someone completely. Laying down your life without any second thoughts, that’s what Love is. It’s forever giving and never expecting anything in return. Love is something beyond the self. Love cannot be contained. Love flows like a rushing River. Love is the beginning of Birth. Love and the makings of Love is not of the Flesh.

It is the Creation of the Creator. For the Creator is Pure Love. Love helps you grow. Love makes you strong. Love makes you wise. Love brings you closer to Jehovah, to Jesus Christ, to the Holy Spirit. Love is what every Christian should strive for, the Love of Christ, the Love of the Holy Spirit, the Love of the Father, Jehovah. Your God is not complex. Your God is simple. Simply Love. That’s not hard to comprehend. You have to forget the self.

I know many People could never comprehend such a statement and yet it’s so simple. Everyone has it. Everyone can use it. Everyone needs it. But if you don’t practice your Love towards your fellow man, even on the little things, your Spirit will never be fulfilled. You will always be lacking. It will always have that craving of Dissatisfaction because what you give out, in the form of Love, you need to have filled in your Spirit.

You reach out for My Son Jesus Christ out of Love and He’ll reach out for you, out of Love. He reaches for you without you even knowing it. I reach out for you. The Holy Spirit reaches out for you. We all have our Arms open. We want to hold you. We want to touch you. We want to Love you. We want to take care of you. We want to protect you, all out of that one Word, Love.

But you have a choice to Love Us or not. The Word is basically simple, but man has made such a complex meaning of so many different words that are basically simple. For if you want to go to Heaven, you have to know how to Love and not expect anything in return. Do it because you want to, because Christ Loved you. He died for you because He Loved Me. He died for you. I sent My Son to die for you because I Loved you.

I am talking to you now because I Love you. I want you to hear and understand the Love that’s on My Lips. For if anything will save you, it will be the Love that grows in your Heart, that communicates with Me. It’s not what Man tells you, Pastors, Theologians, Politicians. You have so many labels and titles but that’s not important.

The most important thing is that you Love Me above everything else. And you’ll be okay through all the trials and tribulations, through the ups and downs of this World. For I will never forsake you if you Love Me and I Love you. We will Create this unbreakable bond that nothing in the Universe can break. For even if you ran away I will not let you go because I Love you. Because I know that you will come back. Because you Love Me.

My Children, it’s simple. It is so simple. Love your Father in Heaven, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, with My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and the Holy Spirit. That’s all I ever asked of Adam and Eve, just to Love Me and I’d Love them back, but since the fall, since the fall of the Garden of Eden, everything has been mixed up, turned upside down by your Arch enemy the devil. But I am building My New Eden, My New Heaven, My New World and I am starting over fresh, clean. It’s right around the corner.

I hope you listen to Me with an open Heart because it’s so close. It is so close. It would scare you if you knew the date. But it comes down to the basic Word that was used in the Garden of Eden. “Love.” That Word is going to be reestablished just like the Garden, in many years passed, when your Parents forsake Me, but listen, it doesn’t mean it’s over. It just means that We are approaching a New Level, a New World, a New Garden.

Prepare your Hearts and climb onto the Ark. Remember Noah. He Loved Me and I Loved him. The day of Noah is here once again. Remember I Love you. That’s all. That is important. Never forsake your Father, your King of Kings, your Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Enforcer of My Law. Through the Power of the Holy Spirit I am going to bring you home very soon. Very soon. I Love you, never forget that. Jehovah Loves you. Your God forever.

Prophecy 98 Audio – Original Sound File as Ray received this word directly from Jehovah

“0098. Prophecy sound file was recorded as the Lord spoke through me as the other Prophecy sound files that have been uploaded. It is best to read the text as you listen to the sound file.”

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