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163. Prophecy – Save yourself and eat the Mass. California Earthquake
165. Prophecy – The revolting lady will find you Gehenna, Run and Hide.
168. Vision – Vision of my house shaking. Earthquake.
211. Prophecy – “What I say will be done in the manner which the Spoken Word of God says it.”
222. Prophecy – Aroma of Prayers are sweet.
240. Vision – A mountain of grave stones and a shelf of skulls.
268. Prophecy – California is filthy and the ground is going to open up.
299. Prophecy – Hide yourself My son_eat the Mass_Fast and Pray
302. Prophecy – The Prophecies are true. Earthquake_Bombs_Bullets_Planes
303. Prophecy – I told the lady of the earthquake. The Force of the Holy Spirit.
324. Prophecy – Here comes the whirlwind. Here comes the earthquake to California.
390. Prophecy – the day of cutting the Branch has arrived with the scissors of heaven.
393. Prophecy – The Earthquake That’s Going to Hit California / The War of the World
430. Prophecy – – California Earthquake / Collect Water / Go North
431. Prophecy – The Lord says to collect water for the earthquake will hit California.
711. Prophecy – The earthquake of the United States and California.
776. Prophecy – The earthquake is going to begin at Mt. Shasta.
777. Prophecy – The Earthquake of California / The Mountain of Shasta / The Force of God
794. Occurrence – Mt. Shasta Trip.
820. Occurrence – A Yosemite camping trip.
855. Prophecy – Earthquake from Costa Rica.
883. Prophecy – Point your nose into the Bible / The Earthquake of the World
898. Occurrence – Warfare and A multi-story apartment destroyed by an earthquake.
900. Prophecy – The President of the United States thinks a lot of himself.
909. Occurrence – What happened during the White and black wearing of the Clothes.
1010. Prophecy – To correctly measure the magnitude of an earthquake.
1042. Prophecy – The flame_the earthquake_the star of Shasta_the mountain of Shasta.
1151. Prophecy – The fighting in the spirit around Reymundo.
1174. Prophecy – Ring the Bell the End is Here!
1193. Prophecy – I believe this prophecy is about the pig and the Body of Christ.
1325. Prophecy – Telling you the Advice of God
1336. Prophecy – Cry, Reymundo, cry – here comes the earthquake!
1359. Occurrence / Israel Mission Trip 1999
1385. Occurrence – I saw four Angelic beings standing1386. Visions – Look at the light, look at the light.
1403. Prophecy – The earthquake with the Force of God!
1463. Occurrence – I am sensing a strong earthquake.
1469. Occurrence – The wineglass will fall in Bangkok, Thailand.
1511. Prophecy – Here comes the day of the rock that is going to hit South America.
1574. Prophecy – Occurrence and Dream
1650. Prophecy – Remember My Words – I warned you_and I warned you
1653. Prophecy – People in My House_have to take Communion. The ax is at the trunk of the Tree. courtesy of