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18. Prophecy – The Calling is Here for I Know What it is
287. Prophecy – Islam, the Devil, The False Prophet, The Antichrist
1347. Occurrence – I Want My Eggs in My Nest
1367. Occurrence – Anointed Areas in Israel
1380. Visions – Many Visions and Small Bells Made of Bronze
1638. Occurrence – The Camping Trip
1653. Prophecy – People are Worried About Bin Laden
1660. Occurrence – Anthrax Problem
1662. Prophecy – My Word is Sharper Than any Double Edged Sword
1690. Prophecy – Interest in Ray
1710. Prophecy – Knife is at The Jacket
1714. Occurrence – Africa Mission Trip
1717. Prophecy – South Africa
1731. Prophecy – Dome of The Rock in Israel
1734. Prophecy – Web Site,
1742. Prophecy – There is a Bigger Picture That People do Not See
1749. Prophecy – The Only Solution is Jehovah God
1751. Prophecy – Install a Security Gate and Fence
1754. Prophecy – The Power of Jehovah Will Come to Jerusalem
1783. Prophecy – Beyond Man’s Comprehension
1785. Visions – White Candle, Then a Large Capital C Appeared Before it
1788. Prophecy – The Love of Christ is Infinite
1820. Occurrence – It Sounds Difficult But You Can do Anything
1826. Prophecy – The Art of Giving is Loving
1853. Prophecy – Heavenly Father, is Mohammad Your Prophet?
1900. Prophecy – The Leaders of The church of God Need to Re-read The Bible, Need to Re-train Themselves
1994. Prophecy – Anoint The Places I Told You courtesy of