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47. Prophecy – French doors_Hog_Hornet_Paris will not be Paris
63. Prophecy – The fall of Paris by the Beast. The Bomb will go off at 3 AM
80. Vision – A nuclear blast in Paris and another in Dunkirk.
234. Vision – Image of the United States_Eiffel Tower_a pyramid_an explosion.
256. Prophecy – Nuclear explosion in front of Eiffel Tower. The church is in the Lord hands.
263. Prophecy – France will fall because they liked the word of the devil. Cry Reymundo.
386. Vision – The serpent has France in its Jaws. Ray walks out of church.
503. Prophecy – France fell with the hand of the devil.
519. Prophecy – A vision of the Eiffel Tower.
831. Vision – The Eiffel Tower and a skull and cross bones.
940. Prophecy – Watch Calais_France. Watch Calais_France.
950. Vision/Prophecy – The Eiffel Tower is Paris.
1167. Vision – Eiffel Tower with a ball on top of it. A black earth.
1228. Prophecy – The Lord instructed me to go to Paris.
1230. Occurrence – For what is going to die and what is going to live.
1248. Prophecy – Go to Lyon_France and Geneva_Switzerland.
1290. Occurrence – We anointed the Eiffel Tower with oil.
1291. Prophecy – The hour is here for the end of Paris.
1337. Vision – The fall of Paris has become a reality.
1343. Vision – A cave with demons_a cantaloupe_Eiffel Tower_Israel trip.
1359. Occurrence – Israel trip and Map of Anointed areas
1371. Vision – The Eiffel Tower being cut through at the bottom.
1404. Vision – The Lord gave a vision of a man / Eiffel Tower
1423. Occurrence – News-ad Placed December 9_1999 in Contra Costa Times.
1426. Prophecy – There will be no revival in the City of San Francisco.
1449. Vision – A wolf – changes to a bat – then a frog – then a bear.
1558. Prophecy – Paris and it’s people will be destroyed.
1782 Visions/Prophecy – I give you signs_I give you visions_and you dismiss them
1785. Visions/Prophecy – The Fall of France / Death of Many in the Hands of Allah
1922. Prophecy/Vision – Lost LA / Location in France
1994. Prophecy – Anoint the places I told you.
2006. Prophecy – The Shadow of God will fall on England and France
2015 Mission Notes – Jerusalem_Israel / Paris_France / London_England
2051. Prophecy – Death and mayhem will come to France with the bomb.
2055. Visions_parables_and Words.
2267. Prophecy – 2015 Mission Trip
2272. Prophecy – Anoint London, Paris, and Israel’s government grounds.
2273. Prophecy – The assassin’s bullet will find its Mark.
2274. Prophecy – London, Paris, and Israel will be attacked
2276. Prophecy – London and Paris believe they are protected
2279. Prophecy – When the horse finishes drinking
2280. Prophecy – Mission trip to London, Paris, and Israel
2299. Prophecy – 2015 Mission Trip Videos. courtesy of