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Lit links are done. I am working my way down the list a few posts at a time. You can also use this list to pull these prophecies from using the search feature. God bless.

0102. Prophecy – Spiritual War in Heaven is raging on. Jehovah and Pastors.
0012. Prophecy – You know, there once was a man. What has happened to My Warriors?
0032. Prophecy – Go into your room shut the door and Pray. Don’t stick out your chest.
0033. Prophecy – The end with a star, wars, and climate changes. So repent.
0036. Prophecy – False Prophets, bad Pastors, Unite all Churches, read the Bible.
0038. Prophecy – I love you My Children, look up, look up.
0045. Prophecy – Heaven before Tribulation. Slaughter, Plan, Saints.
0064. Prophecy – Be ready in Jesus. The Fox, Pastors, and the Beast.
0070. Prophecy – The False Prophet, Russia, Germany, Pastors, Bible, bombs & guns.
0078. Prophecy – Instructions for Pastors and Christ’s Body. God is Mad and says so.
0081. Prophecy – About Ray Aguilera.
0085. Prophecy – Only the clean will go. Pastors money, the homeless, Boat in San Francisco.
0092. Prophecy – Short history of False Prophet. Pastors, War in Heaven, Fig Tree.
0094. Prophecy – Message to the Flock of Jesus Christ, Jesus prays to the Father.
0096. Prophecy – You must really want Jesus not just say it. Man’s Law, mountain of Water.
0098. Prophecy – Meaning of Love. The Art of Love is simple.
0114. Prophecy – When the crow crows the first tribulation. Jesus speaks. Joel.
0136. Prophecy – The war around Ray in the spiritual realm, a willing Vessel.
0157. Prophecy – Young men are going to see and dream.
0161. Prophecy – Bring the Body of Christ together NOW! The day of Noah.
0208. Prophecy – Stop watching ball games and look for My sons. Suffering
0218. Prophecy – God only has One Word. Don’t worry Reymundo.
0226. Prophecy – God will Hug and Kiss you. You have to chose.
0252. Prophecy – Things are going to change very rapidly. Hear Me World.
0268. Prophecy – California is filthy and the ground is going to open up.
0282. Prophecy – Eat the Mass with respect. For My Words are not Joking ,the pig.
0297. Prophecy – The Wind of the North is going to hit the United States.
0354. Prophecy – A message for pastors.
0357. Dream – About a pastor raising money with a car.
0391. Occurrence – Sermon on tithing. Lion’s tail, observatory building and candle.
0514. Prophecy – Pastors, you believe you are so intelligent, but you are dumb.
0809. Prophecy – Jehovah is going to shake and rattle and roll this little planet.
0919. Prophecy – Be in line with the Plumb Line of Jehovah. EVEN SATAN TREMBLES!
1048. Prophecy – The rat is under the table.
1157. Prophecy – Believe it or not – the End is Coming!
1208. Prophecy – You laugh and mock God.
1226. Prophecy – Homosexuality and promoting it in the house of God.
1556. Prophecy – Here comes the Day of hunger.
1565. Prophecy – The climate is going to change.
1575. Prophecy – Vengeance is Mine, saith the Lord!
1650. Prophecy – Remember My Words – I warned you, and I warned you,
1660. Occurrence – Anthrax problem
1661. Prophecy – Preachers, preach about money.
1662. Prophecy – My Word is sharper than any double-edged sword.
1687. Prophecy – The world is going to tear apart.
1690. Prophecy – Interest in ray
1704. Prophecy – You do have to go to Africa.
1743. Prophecy – All that I see is disgusting!
1744. Vision – Is an elephant dangerous when it has no tusks?
1752. Occur. – Update on the Churches I used to go to
1754. Prophecy – The Power of Jehovah will come to Jerusalem
1760. Prophecy – By faith you do not stand alone.
1775. Prophecy – Four Square Church
1857. Prophecy – Pastors, teachers, and leaders with authority in the Body of Christ
1865. Prophecy – For a price man’s church will tell you what you want to hear.
1866. Prophecy – Homosexuality does not belong in My Church.
1868. Prophecy – A disturbance in the spiritual world
1887. Prophecy – The sounds of children crying
1888. Prophecy – If you have any doubts of being a pastor, quit your job
1891. Prophecy – Body of Christ has to come together, just like the pomegranates
1892. Prophecy – The Heart of a Lion is pure, is direct, is sure
1893. Prophecy – My Son is a Farmer
1894. Prophecy – An idea of the changing times, changing weather
1897. Prophecy – The Powers of God are controlling everything; light, rain, fire, air.
1899. Prophecy – The Lord said, “Silence is Golden.
1907. Prophecy – The end of man’s church is before you.
1910. Prophecy – The wailing tongue is before you;
1953. Prophecy – The Love of God is great!
1965. Prophecy – He spins his opinions, he spins his ideas. He spins his theology.
2043. Vision – A vision of two cannons.
2086. Prophecy – Barack Obama, President of the United States
2138. Prophecy – It was no accident Barack Obama was elected President of the United States.
2164. Prophecy – Do you know that Satan knows the order of things
2184. Prophecies notes Israel Mission Trip 2013
2203. Prophecy – Christians of today are still nursing off their pastors
2206. Prophecy – What the Body of Christ looks like today
2207. Prophecy – A thin ladder reaching into heaven
2208. Prophecy – The fall of society is just around the corner.
2210. Prophecy – “The Great Awakening?”
2211. Prophecy – A person with leg shackles on
2213. Prophecy – Vision of Him pricking the Planet Earth
2216. Prophecy – President Putin is using President Obama as a toilet plunger
2218. Prophecy – Putin will hit the ball out of the ball park.
2220. Prophecy – False words of the Lord
2237. Prophecy – All of man’s games will stop
2265. Prophecy – you should get your log splitter today
2275. Prophecy – Name it and claim it pastors
2285. Prophecy – The upcoming mission trip
2313. Prophecy – Catch righteousness
2316. Prophecy – The end of this world is at your doorstep
2317. Prophecy – Not everyone who says “Jesus, Jesus is my Lord”, will go to Heaven
2325. Prophecy – The antichrist will promise
2328. Prophecy – This world is like a plugged up toilet
2329. Prophecy – Televangelists, Pastors
2349. Prophecy – Rats are running governments
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