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31. Prophecy – End of World, 1000 yrs., Star, Climate Changes
63. Prophecy – The Fall of Paris by the Beast. The Bomb Will go off at 3 AM
96. Prophecy – You Must Really Want Jesus Not Just Say it. Man’s Law, Mountain of Water
173. Prophecy – Jehovah Speaks to the world. Jesus Speaks to Jehovah.
235. Vision – What Draws Man to Woman
292. Vision – A Wine Glass with Turbulent Waves
361. Prophecy – I Am Going to Hit the United States with Storms
374. Occurrence – Warfare
404. Occurrence – Warfare Again
409. Vision – White With a Black Center. A Whirlwind Map. A Black Mountain.
410. Occurrence – The Lord testing Ray
679. Prophecy – You Have to Ring the Bell
835. Occurrence – A Communications Tower
906. Prophecy – A River of Tears of God is Going to Fall in the World
1258. Occurrence – The city of Vyborg, Russia.
1317. Occurrence – Isaiah Chapter 4:1
1511. Prophecy – South America
1558. Prophecy – Paris and it’s people will be destroyed.
1691. Prophecy – This man from Spain
1695. Prophecy – Things of the Bible are Certain
1700. Occurrence – Africa Mission Trip
1701. Prophecy – A Spiritual World That is Living Side by Side.
1703. Prophecy – The Thumb of the Devil is Over Africa
1717. Prophecy – South Africa
1847. Occurrence – Job 38:41 Who Provides Food for the Raven when its young cry out to God . . .?
1849. Occurrence – An Association Between the 1317 Occurrence and the Seven Churches of the Book of Revelation.
1895. Prophecy – There is a Rush for knowledge
1897. Prophecy – The Powers of God are Controlling Everything; Light, Rain, Fire, Air.
1900. Prophecy – The Leaders of the Church of God Need to Re-read the Bible, Need to Re-train Themselves
1973. Prophecy – Here Comes the Storm.
1991. Prophecy – A Storm Coming to Israel
1994. Prophecy – Anoint the Places I Told You
2086. Prophecy – Barack Obama, President of the United States
2128. Prophecy – Obama is a Cracked Vessel. I will Throw Him to the Ground.
2270. Prophecy – Harry Reid courtesy of