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36. Prophecy – False Prophets, Bad Pastors, Unite All Churches, Read The Bible
42. Prophecy – Time of Famine, Time of Tribulation is at Hand
45. Prophecy – Heaven before Tribulation. Slaughter, Plan, Saints.
69. Prophecy – Day of The Beast – A Time of Tribulation
70 The False Prophet from the Middle East – The Beast – Time of Tribulation
71. Prophecy – Mark Of The Beast, Gehenna, Parables, Ark Of The Covenant Will Be Established
98. Prophecy / Meaning of Love / The Art of Love Is Simple
101. Prophecy – I promised My Saints I would warn them / great tribulation
104. Prophecy – Love Does Not Demand, Hell, Gehenna, And The Reasons Why
114. Prophecy – The Crow – The First Tribulation – Jesus speaks – False Prophet – Joel
136. Prophecy – Nothing In The Universe Can Stop My Word – Jehovah protects his Prophets
159. Prophecy – Nothing Can Stop What Jehovah Sets In Motion, Ray Will Endure
166. Prophecy – Africa will Explode with Violence. Bear & Owl War with Egypt
173. Prophecy – Days of Tribulation Are Here. The Storm That’s Going to hit the World
182. Prophecy – Day of Reckoning, Beast, Ark, Tribulation, Mad Dog
198. Prophecy – Lucifer Is Running For His Life
210. Prophecy – Open Your Faucet It Will Be Dry
220. Prophecy – The Ice Of The North – Prepare for the Day of the Water
254. Prophecy/Visions – You Will Live Through What My Prophet Has Seen
277. Prophecy – The Enemy Will Penetrate The House Of My Son
282. Prophecy – Wait For The Trials And Tribulations
410. Occurrence – The Lord Testing Ray
427. Prophecy – This Is A Commandment …go Door To Door
562. Prophecy – If You Follow The Leadership You Will Miss The Train To Heaven
809. Prophecy – The Hidden Body Of My Son
893. Prophecy – Prodigal Sons of The Lord Jehovah
1612. Prophecy/Vision – What I Saw Was The Last Day Of The Tribulation
1760. Prophecy / Vision – By Faith You Do Not Stand Alone
1957. Prophecy – I Will Correct What Needs To Be Corrected, Universe a Speck courtesy of