Reflections on Trump’s Historic and Monumental Victory – A Drastic Swing To The Right

Original Post January 20 at 2:37pm

I am glad and sad for Americans. I am rejoicing with everyone that finally Obama and his people are out. (All but the 50 Trump is keeping for now anyway).

I saw the faces of many in the huge crowd last night at the Inauguration Concert. My heart breaks over it. They were so happy, so hopeful, so believing. They have much reason to be so but they do not see what is the true nature of things. It is a shallow, temporal and fleeting euphoria that will only lead to deeper delusion for many or just plain disappointment and disillusionment for those who will have their eyes opened later, after the reality of things play themselves out.

I am happy for the conservative right but I lament that in this drastic swerve from such a traumatizing eight year extreme left assault from Obama, that Christians in particular are letting down their guard and being swept away in the things of this world which only lead to the empire of the beast.

There must be a strong union of religion and state for the beast’s reign of power. It is being set up at this moment and the minds of the subjects are being trained to go the way of the beast while believing they are going an opposite way altogether.

I pray that the Church will sit back, be still and listen – listen to the scriptures, listen to the Spirit, consider the time we are in. Every day we are a day closer to the reign of the man of sin.

Deception comes cloaked in the good and pleasant things. Deception comes through appealing to your hopes and affections and is powered by emotions tied to those hopes and affections being realized. Anyone who has been betrayed knows this. We are not betrayed by the obviously evil and opposing forces but those we trust and by that which looks and seems good to us.

Now, more than ever we need to be guarded, cautious, discerning, diligent, wise a serpents and harmless as doves. Not necessarily so we may change what happens with the controllers and powers that be, but more importantly so we do not become part of the beast and so we do not get carried away in the deception of these last days.

(Matthew 24:24 [AKJV])
For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; so that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

I do not want Trump or the U.S.A. to fail, that would be ridiculous. What I do not want is for the Church to fail.

Many acquaintances who used to preach the near coming of the Lord, and the nearness of the Man of Sin are now running full throttle with the world and with other weird factions in Christendom that they once were repulsed at.

I remember when the big issue was about pre or post trib rapture because everyone was so acutely aware of the critical nearness of the time of Christ. Now, that has been swept under the world’s rug and people and entire ministries are focused on the things of the world over the things of Heaven and of Christ.

Friends, I am here to remind us all that we are headed into a time of great darkness and trouble. No matter what the enemy has told you, no matter how he has painted things to appear, this hour is a dangerous hour and it’s not going to get any better.

We are not here, as disciples of Christ, to point to Kings and governments, nor to promote patriotism and worldly things, we are not here to set our affections on the earthly things but to call men out of the word and into the Kingdom of Light.

We must have an heavenly mindset or we will never be satisfied with the gospel. We will look outward for fulfillment in the things of this world which is but a snare. We must be ever aware of the things of God and those things must be more real to us than the deceptive facade of this passing world which all will burn.

I pray that my brothers and sisters will again be turned to the eternal and heavenly focus and to ambassadorship for Jesus Christ, forsaking this world and the deceptions thereof. Let us not be the ambassadors of a politician and champions of a worldly government but rather of Christ and of heaven. We can not serve two masters.

Our hope is in the return of Jesus Christ, not the tenure of a President.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Pray for the leaders so we may lead peaceable lives. But be mindful that we are at the point in time where the beast will make continuous war with the saints that will last until Jesus comes, (Daniel 7:21-22 – Rev 13:7)

Guard your hearts saints and place your entire allegiance on Christ, place no hope in this world but place it all in Christ Jesus.

(Matthew 24:2 [AKJV])
And Jesus said to them, See you not all these things? truly I say to you, There shall not be left here one stone on another, that shall not be thrown down.

God Bless.

There must be a strong union of religion and state for the beast's reign of power. It is being set up at this moment and the minds of the subjects are being trained to go the way of the beast while believing they are going an opposite way altogether.

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