Russians Invaded, We weren’t Ready – Dream, predawn 05/01/2018:

Dream, predawn 05/01/2018: Russians Invaded. I was attempting to lead people to safety as the Russians had infiltrated our area. These people were not ready to be in the rough. We had Russian snipers and Russian ambush traps all over the place. They had planted explosives in trees so they would explode when shot. They had traps on the ground that when we would walk over them, soldiers would come up out of the ground and attack. There were migrations of people attempting to flee the area for their safety.

Main point: Russians invaded, we had to flee, people weren’t ready.

Russians Invade

Nato troops taking part in their latest exercise in Poland – Photo Source Getty


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  1. I had a similar dream in 2019 where billionaires were funding a war led by the Russian President. it was a complete surprise and there was chaos everywhere.

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