938. Occurrence – You are My Witness, by urinating on the ground.

938. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 13 August 1996 at 7:54 AM. Since I got back from my camping trip, I am noticing something happening to me, even now – as I am speaking into this tape recorder. The Lord is changing something in my spirit. It’s kind of scary. I don’t understand, but I am beginning to see and understand some things that I never understood before. I believe it had to do with this last camping trip. Something is changing me and I don’t really know what Read More …

815. Prophecy – For the abomination of the United States.

815. Prophecy: I said to the Lord, “No, no, must this be?” The Lord said, “Yes! For the abomination of the United States. The wrath of God has come.”