Tongue[s] Twisting Continues – Literally

Some teache that tongues is for the sole purpose of preaching the gospel to all Nations, (ethnic people groups) so everyone will hear the Gospel in their own language.

At Pentecost, there was no interpreter. Since everyone heard them speaking in their own language, there was no need for an interpreter. That is one kind of tongue.

The bible says there are different kinds of tongues in the context of the gifts. Paul mentions also, “unknown” tongues. He mentions that when people speak publicly in tongues, they need to interpret or have an interpreter near by. He mentions that when he speaks in tongues, he speaks directly to God. Paul mentions the tongues of men and angels.

By these things we see that there are:

1) Tongues which when spoken causes anyone to hear the gospel of God in their own language.

2) Tongue that are not understood, spoken to the general assembly and need interpretation since it is not understood.

3) There is a tongue that speaks directly to God

4) There are tongues of men and of angels.

There may be even more that are not mentioned in the Word since Paul clearly said there are “different kinds of tongues”.

People like to claim that “the evidence” of the baptism of th Holy Spirit is speaking in tongues but Paul says, through the use of a rhetorical question, that not all speak in tongues. He said this in the context of those who are save and in the context of the gifts.

We need to stop trying to make a doctrine out of tongues that fits someone’s box but doesn’t account for other things written about tongues in scripture.

Again, if the only reason we have tongues is to get the gospel to everyone in their own language then why will we need an interpreter? Peter didn’t need interpreters at Pentecost. Other than that instance, we have no other examples, in the bible, of people bringing the gospel in tongues the way it occurred at Pentecost. There were no interpreters recorded as having been at Pentecost.

Clearly, as it is written there are different kinds of tongues. I can give scripture to every assertion I have made. Hopefully anyone who has the wherewithal to read this can do that on on their own. It’s very easy to type tongues in a search in a bible program and it takes very little effort and time to do an exhaustive study on it. There are only a few references and one can know the entirely of what is written in one sitting. I hope people will do so.

It’s amazing how much twisting and confusion there can be around such a simple subject with so few references which can be so easily searched out.

God bless

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