Two Bronze Plaques, only after devastating earthquake would the Church repent.

Overnight on 12/05/2015 -12/06/2015, in a dream, situated in what seemed to be an Historic Downtown, and what felt like the Seattle, Washington area, I saw in a dream, two Bronze Plaques engraved in relief. I remember seeing the letters and sentences but instead of reading, I just knew what it said.

The first Bronze Plaque was the Word of the Lord. It stated that not until after the devastating earthquake would the Church repent.

As I walked around this Historic Downtown  area, I came to a corner building. The second Bronze Plaque was the word of God’s saints on a building and I knew the owners of the building, who put that plaque there, were Christians who were in touch with the Lord. The spirit of this message from these owners, which represented the saints, was a sense of reverence, faith, belief, honor and agreement with the Lord and the Plaque stated that there will be repentance for the Church. The knowing, as I viewed the Plaque, was agreement and understanding that after the Earthquake we would see repentance in the Church. There was a sense of the impending devastating quake and an holy anticipation for the repentance that would follow. I had a feeling of the love and holiness of the Lord yet painful and sorrowful, combined with the tragic awe of the devastation as I looked around, into the future, and saw the buildings in rubble.

[end dream]

Today, 12/07/2015 as I told this dream to a close friend over the phone, I was hit with chills on my upper body and a weeping briefly overcame me. I was powerfully moved as I recalled the dream.

not until after the devastating earthquake would the Church repent, putthelightin

Image from CNN coverage of the Nepal / Kathmandu Quake on May 12, 2015. Image is here merely to depict what earthquake destruction can look like.



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