UFO / Fires / Man Worships Demons

Dream- from 12/27/2010 at 12:16 am

In a house part way up a hill in a hilly or mountainous area I was with my mom, a young man, and a young woman. I was focused on the young man. We spoke about God. He was interested. He was concerned He may have insulted the Holiness of God intentionally in his past to the degree of no hope for reconciliation. He shared about his demon worship and how he could call them to manifest as smoke in his bedroom in  front of his friends. I told him that due to the nature of his confessed and intentional insult and contempt on God’s holiness that I was concerned for his eternal situation as well. I made sure it was very serious and the danger was very real and the hope was bleak. I also remember telling Him that the smoke was the demon’s counterfeit glory cloud. For some reason this was certain. My mom was nearby and the other woman was present but distant.

I was about to move in to attempt to lead him to repentance, to renounce evil affiliations out loud before God, man and the spirit world when I was taken out side. I just walked out in peace. Coming out the front door, to the right was down hill and to the left was up hill. I came out and turned left to see a large hill above our elevation. It was covered in pine trees. I saw this awesome Gold Aircraft or UFO moving over the face of this hill. It moved in every direction all over this hill. Suddenly I became aware that it became aware of me. At that time it lifted rapidly into the air and shot to the right of me toward the down hill side of my location on the sidewalk directly out of the front door of the house I just came out of. Then the machine hovered buoyantly as it lowered itself to within a few inches from actually landing. It was confronting me at eye to eye  level about 20 ft or less from me. The fear I felt was minimal. Like getting into cold water. It is cold but you do it anyway, like at a lake on a hot day. It’s cold but you keep going in. That is the reluctance or type of fear I had as I remained standing in my spot to observe this encounter. Then the machine after only seconds, lifted up again. Thinking it would continue it’s presence in our sky, I ran to the front door, opened it and saw my mom talking to the man I had been ministering to. I yelled get outside! Get outside! Get outside now now now! On the third yell they came outside with me and when I told them what I saw we looked up and it was gone, but there were fires burning all around. Some down elevation from us in the valley and some beyond the hill where I first saw the Gold Aircraft or UFO. I said The Judgment of God and of this I was certain.

We approached the front door and I confronted the man telling him now is the time to continue where we left off. He was reluctant and resistant. I said hey you don’t have to do anything I am doing this for you now are we going to finish or not? He wisely submitted and we entered but he stopped to talk to the girl who I knew was Christian but the attraction between them concerned me. I felt perhaps this would be a detrimental distraction both now and into the future for them both. She was pretty but she was working on her motorcycle. It was upside down and she had the drive chain in her hand. We were impressed at how familiar she was and how normal it was for her to handle it for it was a fat and heavy chain.
Then I woke up.

Picture of UFO Below. Simple drawing from Microsoft paint.
UFO or Air Craft, omni-directional travel, soft sound of humming and gentle generator, very soft sounding, tolerant to the ear. Of course it was 3D in the dream with many angles like a fine diamond or gem would be cut, but this is the correct 2D rendering. It was a beautiful Gold Ship, the narrow end is the front.


Gold ufo

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