What is the “Church”? (Ekklesia)

This is a FB Post by Sister Bianca Ambrose. I seems God had her thinking and writing on this topic at the same time I was. I would like to share here for all to see.

Bianca Ambrose
March 6 ·

As we gathered together Yesterday, this word came to us:

Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house, an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ. 1 Peter 2:5

So we sought the Lord on it.
Brethren we are NOT a pile of bricks and mortar
How offensive it is to call us a dead pile of brick and mortar.
How it tells and exposes our lack of revelation of who we are, to say things like, “time to go to church.”
If our beliefs are in error, our practice and what we live are in error as well.
When we say “we are going to church”, we are practicing the exact error that is really in our hearts

When we call the building a church or say that “we are going to church” we are taking away from the fact that “church” is our identity, not something we “go to”.
When something is our identity, we are that thing all of the time. When we “go to something”, we are only participating in that activity while we are there.

Scripture never uses the words “go to church.”
And it doesn’t use that phrase for a good reason.
You cannot go to something you are.
The early Christians understood this.
But we don’t.
Our lack of understanding in this area has caused severe and widespread damage.

Over long periods of time we create man made doctrines, and then we assume they are Biblical.
Assuming that certain things are true without questioning them gets us into a lot of trouble.

Why did the New Testament Christians meet in homes?
It is certainly not that a house is more righteous than a building. Once you see and understand the essence of body life and what church really is, you will see that THERE IS NO NEED FOR A BUILDING. In fact, it can hinder and get in the way.

Our actions sometime betray our right Biblical concepts.
Our religiosity runs deep.
It’s all we’ve known, it’s all we’ve seen, it’s all we’ve been taught.
It’s what we’ve believed for a long time now even though it is unbiblical.
What about all the other things you maybe unaware of that you believe and practice that may be unbiblical?

Oh))) Brethren I want you to know, the Holy Spirit will help you understand.
But it sometimes takes tremendous honesty and courage to grow.
Jesus said that “Where two or more are gathered together, there I am in the midst.” Matthew 18:20

Let me, if I may, ask you a question.
If you met with one are maybe two persons, on any given day or night, in a park, and you read the Bible together, pray together, share hearts, worship God, and touch the Lord together, what is that?
I’ll leave you answer that in your hearts.

Now in Acts chapter 8 and the thief on the cross were during Bible times.
“Times have changed now”, some might say.
Sure, things have changed. But they have NOT changed for the better.
Why do we think that doing things differently from scripture is suddenly now more correct?
When Jesus walked the earth, He met outside and taught people in the middle of tremendous disarray.
Perhaps we should consider if possibly God does not care about the things we care so deeply about.

What if this building called church were obliterated?
What would be the response of the people who met inside?
More importantly, what would be the emotional response of these people?
Would they say, “Our church has been destroyed?”
And if this building were gone, how would it affect their fellowship and their practice of meeting together?

NOW: DO we really believe that the church is really just the people?
We all agree with the concept that the church is the people and not the building.
If you were to take away, change, mess up, or alter people’s sacred building, they won’t really feel comfortable?
People associate the building, the pews, the pulpit, the steeple, the baptistery, a pastor all those things are necessary with “having a real church.” Think about that for a moment, Be honest now.

Huge ships are turned by very small rudders.
Sometimes even the smallest error in our language (which reflects our thinking and our heart) can manifest itself with huge and consistent patterns of unbiblical practices in our lives.
If we will learn to seek the Lord and examine the scriptures with no biases or assumptions, it will open a whole new TRUTH to you.

>>>>>>>> I leave you with these words.<<<<<<<<
Oh))) my Brethren the word church in the Bible is the Greek word ekklesia.
Ekklesia means “the called out ones.” the people of GOD.
We are a living and breathing temple of living stones who encompass the true and living God.
We are alive! Corporately, we are the very Bride of Christ.
We are filled with the Holy Spirit, within and without.
Our purpose is to touch the Lord, to encounter Jesus, to be built up in faith, and to edify one another.
When this happens, He feeds us. He edifies His people.

Oh))) Let us HUMBLE ourselves and seek His face…..Let us GO and tell them to COME….Let us PROCLAIM the GOSPEL….Let us WATCH for HE is coming soon.

All Glory belongs to You Lord.

living stones


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